Do you feel removed from the world around you, dying to break free from the dream world, and just so uncomfortable in your own skin?




There is nothing wrong with you, it’s trauma.





Neuro-Resilience Toolkit

6 Easy Practices to achieve:


  • Emotional stability without the struggle

  • Healing without all the heaviness

  • Emotional clarity without overwhelm

  • A sense of safety without dependency

I felt the same. 


Life didn't deal me an easy hand...


As a child, I was left alone for hours. In high school I was raped more than once. In college I sought out a therapist — but wasn't helped.


At 21 I started having flashbacks. I told my mom I was molested as a child -- she didn’t believe me. 


Worst than all of this outright abuse was the subtle, hard to recognize, yet ever present emotional neglect.


It wasn’t until after 6 years on my healing journey that I found the key that changed my life! The keys I am ready to give you today.





If you want to learn how you can get:


  • Peace of mind without the discipline required in meditation

  • Self-mastery without chasing perfection

  • Natural self control without self-restraint

  • Comfort in your body while overthrowing the inner critic


You are in the right place!


Look, I know you’ve tried many things...


It’s not your fault. It’s impossible to succeed when you’re in survival mode.


The truth is, every little step you take towards your healing is worth it.


BUT, and this is a big BUT...


Developmental trauma won’t just magically go away because you - take a yoga class, join a boot-camp, or change your diet.


Lifestyle changes are important but you must go deeper to heal the root of the issue.



Like you, all of my efforts were in vain until I found the root cause of my pain:




"Trauma is a physiological issue, not a mental illness."


- Peter Levine


Unfortunately, many of us are living in perpetual dysregulation as a result of a difficult childhood, toxic culture and environmental stressors.


Because trauma is a dysregulation of the nervous system, a body-based approach is the solution.




Signs of Dysregulation: 


Taints each and every experience of life

Registers everything as a threat

Leaves you drained and exhausted


The secret to healing trauma is


the nervous system.



A balanced nervous system isn’t a distant pipe dream. 


It can easily become your new reality.





What you get from a


nervous system:



It literally changes the way you feel day after day.


The progress you make stays with you and doesn’t dissolve away.


Shifting your physiology automatically relieves mental stress, rather than fighting against the way you think or feel.


Physiological regulation is stable by nature, while emotional work is temperamental and repetitious. 


Regulation is an embodied reality that you can depend on, not just an evasive mental concept.


Regulation allows you to remain stable rather than get disoriented in a wave of emotional confusion.


You cement a consistent experience of safety in your life starting with your own body.


Brings you back to a clean slate so emotional triggers roll right off you.


Work through your trauma without having to re-experience it.


The Neuro-Resilience Toolkit


If you're ready to heal the root of your trauma and claim your future, you are in the right place.


  • Regulate Nervous System

  • Resolve Fight/Flight/ Freeze

  • Heal Trauma Physiology

  • Regulate Emotions



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and get it for...


I overcame my developmental trauma. 


I succeeded in the biggest challenge of my life so far, and it was worth all the effort!



I freed myself of:

  • feelings of inadequacy

  • fear of abandonment

  • social anxiety

  • people pleasing

  • and body image issues.

I've gone deep in many kinds of therapy. And, while all has gotten me closer to my mental wellness goals, by far the biggest game changer for me was the


neuroplastic exercises in this toolkit.


I can confidently say I’ve come to a level of healing that I can never fall back from.


I won’t get dragged into yet another narcissist confusion play, nor will I shut out myself for a false perception of safety in another person.


I learned how to offer myself a profound internal sense of safety that is independent of anyone else.


Game changer!



You've suffered enough!

So many of the challenges you’ve had to overcome have been an unfair battle.


You may not even realize but you’ve been fighting with one hand tied behind your back. 


The forgetfulness, the overwhelm, the feeling that things are harder for you than other people.



There is a reason. 


Developmental Trauma.


There is nothing wrong with YOU!

Developmental trauma is actually a brain injury.


Ah! Now it all makes sense right?



It is not your fault.

It has nothing to do with you who are

or what you are capable of. 




“It’s a disorder caused by nurture (or rather the lack of it), not nature. This is especially good news, because what was learned can be unlearned, and vice versa.”


- Pete Walker


And best of all!


  • Because of neuroplasticity your brain CAN still develop and heal.
  • Because of the healing capacity of your brain, you CAN overcome the effects of developmental trauma.
  • Because of this healing, you CAN cure your attachment traumas, have deep intimate relationships, and achieve any of your life's dreams. 


The Neuro-Resilience Toolkit


Not only is a full recovery POSSIBLE, you now have the tools to make this dream a reality for you.



  • Self-Care with Neuroscience

  • Heal Developmental Trauma

  • Develop Secure Attachment

  • Build Resilience to Stress

  • Increase Personal Capability



    (Regular price - $79)



    and get it for...




    See what people are saying:



    Watch a testimony from Taryn

    Using these techniques, I made remarkable progress. 


    Not just dipping my toes in the healing river -- a deep dive and renewal of my soul.


    I sighed in relief and was able to inhale fully for the first time in years. The pressure on my chest subsided and the veil was lifted. I was no longer floating above my life.



    After a lifetime of feeling like there was something wrong, feeling safe in my own skin was heaven on earth. A true revelation for my body, mind and soul.


    Within the first week of using the toolkit, I went from experiencing days in the sunken place - to - coming back to feeling grateful for my life everyday by noon! 


    After one month of using the toolkit, I felt a sense of self spark life inside me. I detected the source of my disturbances which allowed me to navigate towards a habit of peace.



    After two months, I was honestly a different person. The things that used to take me down for days, no longer destabilized me.



    This toolkit is a key to freedom from your emotional load.



    You can literally reconstruct your brain and experience of life.


    - Arianna Flores






    Will the Neuro Resilience Toolkit work for me?

    How much time does it take?

    How do I access my Toolkit?

    How do I learn more about how this works?

    Who can I talk to if I have more questions?


    The Neuro-Resilience Toolkit


    If you're ready to heal the root of your trauma and claim your future, sign up now!


    • Emotional stability without the struggle

    • Healing without all the heaviness

    • Emotional clarity without overwhelm

    • A sense of safety without dependency

    (Regular price - $79)



    and get it for...


    Who we are.


    Hi! We are Claire and Alex.


    We have a combined expertise of 15 years in the field of self-development and personal transformation.


    It’s our mission to help you recover from the awful symptoms caused by chronic dysregulation and developmental trauma.




    By practicing short, easy, yet extremely effective practices designed to:

    • regulate your nervous system

    • enhance your neuroplastic healing capacity.

    Your dream of a fully recovery is no longer a dream.


    We've designed this toolkit for it to be your new reality.


    With love,

    Claire & Alex


    Founders of finding Self


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